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Complaints about a member of UKATA

UKATA Ethics and Professional Practice Committee ensures UKATA members and the public are protected from unprofessional practice.

Should you have concerns about the ethics of the practice of a UKATA individual member or organisation, the committee enables you to discuss and clarify your concerns and possible courses of action. You can contact the Chair of the committee in confidence at

Should you make a formal complaint, there is a Complaint Procedure to follow. To initiate the procedure, make the complaint in writing and email it to the UKATA Office Manager at, marked ‘Complaint’.

You will need to describe the nature of the alleged violation and specify the sections of the UKATA Code of Ethics which are believed to have been breached and the supporting evidence.

Your complaint will be dealt promptly, professionally and confidentially.

Complaints, Feedback Suggestions and Support

Please use this form to file feedback, suggestions or complaints that you have. We will manage this feedback for you in line with the member complaints policy.

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