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Other TA Training

Other TA Training


It is always possible and desirable to enhance our competencies as Transactional Analysts. There are many ways of developing further competencies that TA practitioners can access.

Once qualified as CTA, we keep up to date through CPD activities. At present this is monitored at the time of renewal of UKATA membership, so each qualified member provides evidence of having undertaken CPD training or activities. These may include attendance to conferences, training courses, workshops etc.

Examples of CPD offered by UKATA members and RTEs are found here: Diary of events and Conferences.

Become a Trainer and Supervisor (CTA-Trainer, PTSTA, TSTA)

If you are interested in offering TA training and Supervision, you can further your education to include these activities and acquire qualifications. More information on this stage is found in the EATA handbook.

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