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The UKATA TA Award

The UKATA TA Award


The UKATA TA Award is recognition of an individual successfully completing 120 hours of Transactional Analysis (TA) training with recognised TA trainers (i.e. TSTA, PTSTA, TTA, CTA Trainer). 

This might either be completed as part of a larger recognised TA training program or may be accrued by the individual through short courses and workshops with appropriately qualified TA trainers.

The Award is designed so that it can serve either as a general award in TA or provide a particular focus (e.g. working with children, bereavement). The Award is not intended as a qualification to practice Transactional Analysis in any way, but, rather as recognition by UKATA of a particular level of understanding of Transactional Analysis.

A point to note is that the UKATA TA Award will not automatically act as Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) onto a TA Psychotherapy training, and should an individual wish to use it to APL onto psychotherapy training they will need to discuss this with the Training Establishment in question.

Criteria for the UKATA TA Award

For an individual to achieve the UKATA TA Award they will need to meet the following criteria:

  • 120 hours of training delivered by trainers holding the following titles TSTA, PTSTA, TTA, CTA Trainer

  • 1 x assessment successfully completed. (Types of assessment could include, presentation, written assignment, reflective journal)

  • Evidence of UKATA membership

  • Record of Training to be completed by the Candidate and their Trainer(s)/Assessor(s) which includes: hours of training, evidence of UKATA membership, statement from trainer of successful completion of assessment)


It is intended that all UKATA members, who has previously completed this level of training, may access the Award. In this instance they will need to complete the record of training with their past trainer(s)/assessor(s) and provide evidence of UKATA membership. In the event of the trainer not being available, they may have a member of the UKATA TA training community vouch that they have completed the necessary training and assessment.


The cost of applying for the UKATA TA Award is open to UKATA members at a price of £30. In the event of someone who has not been a member of UKATA (or the ITA) wishing to access the Award, they will need to rejoin UKATA, prior to applying.


When you apply for the TA Award you will need to supply details evidencing that you have met the relevant criteria along with the name of an assessor who must be a UKATA member and either a trainer or your supervisor who can confirm that you have met the criteria.

Click here to Apply for the UKATA TA Award

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