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 UKCP Registration Through UKATA

UKCP Registration Through UKATA

UKATA is an Organisational Member of UKCP (the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). This membership allows us to place suitably trained members of UKATA on the UKCP register of Psychotherapists or the UKCP register of Supervisors.

The following details how our members can access these opportunities.

UKCP Register of Psychotherapists

UKATA has two routes to UKCP registration for its members. Both routes require our members to have undertaken training in one of our Registered Training Establishments (RTEs).

1. CTA Completion Route

The first route is for UKATA members who have trained at an RTE to complete the European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA) qualification of Certified Transactional Analyst using the UKATA Training Handbook. The handbook can be found here along with information about the steps candidates need to gain both CTA and UKCP registration simultaneously.

2.1 Case Study Completion Route

A second route is for UKATA members who have completed a four-year RTE training. Members are required to complete a specific written and oral assessment within their RTE. Evidence of completion of these assessments, combined with evidence of completion of other UKCP requirements can then be shared with UKATA to enable a member to be placed on the UKCP register.

UKATA has based the written and oral assessments, and the competencies that they demonstrate, on the EATA CTA(P) written and oral assessments. It is our hope that candidates who complete these assessments will then have completed significant materials towards the EATA (or ITAA) CTA(P) examinations and will be encouraged to achieve these qualifications too.

More details on this second route can be found below.

2. 2 Written and Oral Assessment for UKCP Registration 

UKATA assessment criteria for registration as a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist (Non CTA route) - view here

Candidates must complete a written and oral assessment through a UKATA RTE. Details about these two assessments can be found in the link above.

UKATA TASC foresees that the usual process would be for the oral assessment to follow the written assessment. But where UKATA members have already completed an oral assessment at Level 7, and where the RTE considers it meets the requirements of the assessment as documented above, the RTE may provide a candidate with a certificate for their portfolio indicating that they have already passed such an assessment.

As the process of assessment will be held by participating RTEs, any enquiries about learning support needs for the assessments should be directed to the RTEs themselves.

2. 3 Core Competencies to be demonstrated

Relevant EATA Core Competencies for UKCP Accreditation - view here

The written and oral assessments must demonstrate that the candidate meets a set of Core Competencies.  These core competencies are based on those in the EATA Handbook so that materials produced for UKCP registration can be used by those who go onto CTA(P) qualification.

2.4 Marking Scales

The recommended marking scales to be used by RTEs for the written assessment are to be found in 12.5 and 12.6 of the UKATA Handbook. These are the same as are used for marking the CTA(P) written exam.

The marking scales for the oral assessment are at the discretion of the RTE. TASC recommends that they are similar to those in the UKATA Handbook for the CTA(P) Oral examination.

2.5 Downloadable Files for Application for UKCP Registration

2.5.1 Guidance for Applicants

2.5.2 Application for UKCP Registration 

2.5.3 Template for Evidence Logbook 

2.5.4 Supervisors Declaration Form 

2.6 UKCP Supervisors Register

UKATA members who hold the qualification of CTA(P) and who complete the EATA Training Endorsement Workshop, gaining the qualification of Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy) or PTSTA (P), can be placed by UKATA on the UKCP Supervision Register, if they are already placed on the UKCP Psychotherapy Register with UKATA.


More details can be found by contacting the UKATA office at

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