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Professional Attending a Seminar

Training in Transactional Analysis

Training in Transactional Analysis is greatly enjoyable and fulfilling at a personal and professional level. Whether you intend to practice in the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, organisations or education, or your quest is to know yourself and others better, you can be assured you will find exceptional training and great support in the student community and UKATA itself.

At the moment we have various opportunities to undertake the TA training, and to reach many levels of competence and qualification.

While the following considerations are valid for all fields of specialisation, for TA Psychotherapy there are additional requirements and options due to the current regulation of this field in the UK.

In addition to formal training, many UKATA training organisations and members offer TA101, events, workshops and seminars to enhance your learning.

There are two bursary schemes available for trainees. These are the UKATA bursary and the EATA bursary. More details can be found here.

Training Pathways

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