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Join UKATA as a new member

If you want to join UKATA for the first time you have to apply for membership.

How much should I pay?

Your UKATA membership fee depends on your qualifications and level of training. When you join UKATA you also pay a small amount to EATA, the European TA organisation. If you pay your EATA fee through another UK organisation, you can tell us about that here and you won’t be charged for it again.

In addition, you can choose whether you prefer to receive a printed copy of the Transactional Analyst magazine and have an enhanced listing in the Find a Practitioner section of this website (this is not available to Student Members).

There may be some administrative fees for certain types of payments. A breakdown of what you pay is provided here.  Membership Fees 2023-24

If you have previously been a member of  UKATA or ITA, please use the Rejoin form.

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