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Bursaries available

Bursaries Available through UKATA

There are a number of bursary schemes that can provide financial support for members. There are different criteria for each. You’ll find information here and if you log in there’s an application form under the my profile tab if you wish to apply for financial assistance. If you have any questions please make contact with us via

  • UKATA Training Bursary (max £500)

  • UKCP Trainee Bursary Scheme

  • EATA Bursary

UKATA Training Bursary

This is a grant of up to £500 that is available to all UKATA members (not subscribers) who are seeking qualifications in TA. It can go towards the cost of formal training, workshops, supervision, exam prep groups, etc.

Application Deadlines:


How the Bursary will be paid:

Any award made for the UKATA Bursary will be paid directly to the relevant conference, workshop leader or training establishment.

UKCP Trainee Bursary scheme

This is a bursary available directly from UKCP for members who are Trainee Psychotherapists Members of UKCP. Further details are available on the UKCP website

EATA Bursary

Requests for bursaries can be made by downloading the application form from the EATA website here 

The form has to be duly completed and signed by the applicant, his/her sponsor or trainer, with a short recommendation, and the national association.

Please complete your details by 30th November so our EATA Reps can review them in time for the EATA deadline of 31st December.

Please send your application to the Training Help administrator at

The application will be signed and forwarded to the EATA Council delegates.  Each delegate can send a maximum of two bursary applications from the members of their respective national associations by December 31st of each year.

Although the published final deadline for bursary allocation is 31 December, in practical terms in order for the applications to processed in time to meet this deadline, it is in everyone's interest to ensure applications are submitted by 30 November to allow for the selection process to take place in as equitable a manner as possible.

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