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As a member of UKATA, once a year, you are invited to nominate any UKATA member to be awarded a UKATA medal. The only eligibility criteria for those nominated is that they have not previously been awarded a medal and that they, (and you), are current members of UKATA.


Each year we start from scratch with nominations and don’t carry other nominations forward. If your nominee was unsuccessful last year, perhaps you’d like to nominate them again.


Medal recipients from the previous year are invited to form a panel to establish the five recipients of the medals for the current year. Perhaps you know someone in the TA community who deserves to be recognised by us all for personal growth, overcoming adversity, services to TA or a contribution to the development of TA practice. Perhaps you know someone who has helped you personally or others, or who embodies the spirit of TA. Thank you all who have contributed to this heartfelt scheme to recognise people within our TA community.


The medal is in the form of a custom made 60mm diameter coin on a blue ribbon, engraved with the recipient’ name and presented with a velvet case, usually at the UKATA National Conference.

UKATA Medals

UKATA Medal winner 2023 - L Mitchell
Outstanding Contribution to the Global TA Community 2020 – Leilani Mitchell

In July 2020 UKATA Council awarded Leilani Mitchell an award for Outstanding Contribution to the Global TA Community.


This award was for her extensive contribution to the world TA community through her generous work on a wide range of committees, conferences and exams over the past 30 years.


Leilani has always been very community spirited,  this was also to acknowledge and thank her for her time and energy for her many valued contributions. 


“Everyone carries his parents around inside of him.”

 - Eric Berne  (1964)

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