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Here you will find a list of all policies, procedures and advice relating to your membership and the requirements of accrediting bodies

Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines

UKATA’s guidance on ethical and professional practice is contained in two documents.

The UKATA code of ethics and professional practice and the UKATA procedures for handling ethical complaints.

The Code is intended to guide and inform both organisations and individual members of UKATA in the ethical practice of Transactional Analysis. The Code is relevant to all members of UKATA who use Transactional Analysis as a model for understanding and change with individuals, couples, groups or organisations and extends to the roles of supervisor and trainer. The Code articulates the ethical principles needed to underlie ethical behaviour, and highlights the practitioner’s responsibilities towards self and others in exercising their practice. IN terms of practicing ethically the Code should be adhered to along with other policy and advice for instance on dual reltionships and advertising.

In case of a violation of ethical practice, guidance can be found in the Code and in the Complaint Procedure below.

UKATA Code of Ethics & Professional Practice. The code of ethics which all UKATA members abide by.

View UKATA Code of Ethics & Professional Practice

UKATA Procedures for Handling Ethics Complaints. The procedure for making a complaint and the processes by which it will be handled.






The UKATA Code is informed by the guidance offered by the EATA Ethical Code. You can find it here.

UKATA Constitution

UKATA Diversity and Social Responsibility Policy

UKATA Individual Membership Policy 2020

UKATA Registered Training Establishment Memberhsip Policy 2020

UKATA Adults Safeguarding Guidelines 2020

 UKATA Dual Relationships Policy 2020


UKATA Continuing Professional Developemnt Policy 2020

UKATA Code of Practice for Psychotherapy Trainers and Registered Training Establishments 2020

UKATA TASC Monitoring of Registered Training Establishments 2020

UKATA Registration Policy 2020


UKATA Readiness to Practice Suggested Guidelines


UKATA Social Media Policy


UKATA trainees’ personal therapy policy 2020

UKATA Advertising Policy 2020

UKATA Assessment of fitness to practice (psychotherapy field) policy and procedures 2020


UKATA Qualification and Experience June 2020


UKATA Privacy Policy

UKATA Lone Working Policy 2020

UKATA Lone Working Policy (HSE attachment)


UKATA Complaints Policy 10.05.20

UKATA Children and Young People Placements Contract 2017 

UKATA Placements Policy and Procedures 2020


UKATA Registered Training establishment’s Monitoring Appeals Procedures 2019

UKATA Time out Sabbatical Policy 2020

UKATA Trainees Personal Therapy Policy 2020

UKATA CPD 5 Year Form for Psychotherapy 2020 (supplement for CPD Policy)

 UKATA Supervision Policy 2020 (Psychotherapy)


UKATA Conflict of Interest Policy 2019

UKATA Conflict of Interest Declaration Page 1

UKATA Conflict of Interest Declaration Page 2


UKATA Organisational Complaints and Appeals procedure 2020