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Transactional Analysis Cymru Ltd

Tycanol, Brynberian, Crymych Pembrokeshire SA413TZ 07747 752334

TAC is a training centre rooted in the heart of Pembrokeshire. The recent OMR report from the UKCP reflected that our training embodied OKness.

Environmental culture is an integral part of this RTE as the centre is surrounded by fields and woods. Our responsiveness to the land is integrated into the training. We offer an intimate and stimulating training experience in a beautiful natural environment where we can attend to the individual needs of each trainee.

With this is a focus on relationship to self and others, creativity and the body within a frame of reference of co-creative philosophies.

As a result our training is experiential, self-reflective as well as academic.

We encourage diversity. We do this by keeping our fees as low as possible and by offering each trainee a very high degree of personal attention through the small size of training groups and regular tutorials. This means that individuals from all walks of life and educational back grounds can access training in a supportive and challenging environment.

We pride ourselves on offering Adult learning. This means that our trainees become psychotherapists that are able to think for themselves from unique perspectives.

Rosalind Sharples and Nathan Gould are the core trainers of this RTE. They are both actively involved with UKATA and the UKCP which ensure that the training offers the most recent developments in TA. Through their diverse connections this vibrant training centre also hosts national and International trainers.

We aim to provide the highest standards possible for training through a rigorous and robust backbone of theory taught through sharing concepts, discussion, guided self-reflection, research and practical experience. TAC trainees are invited to question, develop and put their own ideas into practice. The ethos of the training is non-judgemental, an ethos that invites curiosity and courage.

We attract trainees from our local area and from further afield as we provide facilities for both camping and overnight stays. As the area is stunningly beautiful, trainees find that the training weekend not only educates but nurtures the spirit through connection to nature and colleagues.

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