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TA East London Institute

2A Ruckholt Road,


E10 5NP

07950 678617

TA East is a counselling and psychotherapy training Institute. It has grown out of a counselling, psychotherapy, supervision and consultancy practice established in East London for over twenty years. TA East aims to offer an in-depth training in Transactional Analysis, leading to recognised qualifications in counselling and/or psychotherapy. The training will be delivered in the spirit of TA philosophy, that all people are ok, everyone has the capacity to reach their full potential and all people can change.

TA East is committed to Social Responsibility and what this means to us as counsellors, psychotherapists and trainers. We aim to hold social conscience and political awareness as central to our training and practise.

Our vision is to build TA East from the roots of the East London Community.

In this we aim to be:

• Actively involved in the wider community, • Committed to making the training accessible and inclusive, • Informing ourselves of what is going on in the wider world, • Being willing to have our frame of reference challenged, • Being aware of the political practise of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Integral to the training is an awareness of difference and cultural diversity, bringing counselling and psychotherapy into social and political contexts.

TA East is committed to making the training accessible to all, representing transcultural East London.

TA East belongs to a diverse community of Transactional Analyst Psychotherapists across Britain, in Europe and the wider world.

Our challenge at TA East is to integrate an inter-sectional lens across the curriculum, considering social, political, cultural and historical contexts across the theory and practise, not as add-ons but at every aspect of our being.

This begins at the planning stage of every unit, where tutors consider this lens across the curriculum and process. Who constructed the theory? When was it constructed? What were the social and political contexts of the time? Considering western lens, white privilege and what anti racism and anti discrimination looks like. This is a ‘living into’ challenge to us all but is in the veins of TA East.

Courses offered:

TA East offers the following TA courses, from introduction courses, to a three year Counselling training and four year Psychotherapy training, leading to professional qualification and registration:-

  • 101 introduction to Transactional Analysis.

  • Four year clinical Psychotherapy Training leading to CTA qualification (P) and UKCP registration.

  • Three year counselling training leading to UKATA Diploma and possibly BACP accreditation.

  • CPD workshops

  • Exam preparation Workshops.

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