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UKATA Diploma Review

30/01/23, 12:00

UKATA Diploma review

We (the Trustees) have been reviewing the operation of the UKATA Diploma with the assistance of TASC and are in the process of establishing a steering group to complete the review process and generate proposals to enable the Diploma to be accessible to trainees and practitioners in all fields of TA practice.

We are looking, for members who are in training and/or practising in the O, E and C fields to join the steering group in order to ensure that the revised Diploma meets the needs of those practising in these three fields and also that the process accounts for how TA training in these fields is undertaken.

If you would like to join us, input into the review and shape the Diploma process for these three fields of practice, please let us know by e-mailing Claire McManus at giving us some relevant details about yourself including any of the below:

  • why you would like to be involved

  • what experience you have that you feel would be relevant to support the Diploma review and development

  • your experience as an examiner, teacher or trainer, or in designing educational or assessment processes

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