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Seasons Greetings from Chair of UKATA

20/12/22, 12:00

Seasons greetings to you all!

It’s the time of year when we reflect on what’s gone on in the year and, for UKATA, it’s been a relatively good year, although we have had our challenges.

The positives include a new website, which has worked superbly well in relation to membership renewals, review of the UKCP 5 year registration renewal process and implementing some improvements. We enjoyed some very fruitful meetings with our RTEs, established the pilot CPD workshop program with the UKATA series of co-creative TA seminars.

Already, we have more 2023 conference places booked than attendees in 2022 (with a great program coming together) and receiving overwhelming support from members for the decoupling of the CTA from the UKCP registration process. And we stayed in budget over the last financial year and had a positive audit by our auditors. What a great year!

Looking forward to next year, we have our conference in Cardiff in April, which will have some new and different features to it, the expansion of our on-line CPD program of workshops and seminars and some new features and options being generated through our website to provide some much needed member benefits.

My thanks to our staff and contractors, who have worked tirelessly during the year to continue to improve our administrative processes and our response times to your enquiries.

2023 is going to be a challenging year for us, financially, and we hope that we can work together with you to improve UKATA’s value to you as a member.

We, the trustees of UKATA, wish you a prosperous and healthy 2023 and look forward to engaging with you during the year.

Paul Robinson

Chair of UKATA

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