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New UKATA Chair - Message from Sally

28/06/23, 07:00

In a surprising turn of events, I find myself as Chair of UKATA - to be completely honest I was on a shortlist of one! This is a quick hello.

I was motivated to become a Trustee as I missed working within an organisation. Over the years I have worked in local authority housing management, as a Management Consultant and I have a business management qualification. I also run a successful small business with my husband.

As a psychotherapy trainee I represent the one of biggest groups within our membership. I started my studies at the Wealden Institute and finished at the Connexus Institute. I did two years of Organisational TA training at the Berne Institute. I aim to complete my CTA(P) in the next couple of years - I really want to wear that yellow ribbon!

John Maxwell (Trustee) and I want to thank Paul Robinson our previous Chair for all that he has done for UKATA, and how supportive he has been during our recent handover. We are also very grateful to Carol Masih (Operations Manager) and the team for all that they do.

Our current short-term priorities are setting the annual budget, putting in place some regular technical support to manage the website and establishing a new Membership Committee lead by Sarah Langstaff.

As we enter our 50th year we want to take stock of where UKATA is as an organisation and make sure that what we have in place is working effectively and efficiently for the benefit of the membership. I look forward to working with you.

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