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EATA Delegate News

27/07/23, 09:30

Hello Everyone

I’m coming to you to let you know that I have a new role in our TA world, which I’m really chuffed about – I’m the new EATA Delegate for the UK.

I take over from Beren Aldridge, who stepped down in July after his term of 4 years in post and join Alan Jones in this role. The UK has 2 delegates due to our membership numbers.

The EATA delegate is a link between EATA and the national TA organisational member, in our case UKATA. Delegates work in EATA committees that do the operative and strategic work in certain areas, for example communication, research and TA development or professional training standards. They participate in taskforces that work on specific, time-bound projects. And once a year, Council comes together to work for three days, somewhere in Europe to collaborate, discuss, review, consider and develop the TA business that concern us all at any given time.

EATA has 36 EATA delegates from 28 countries.

My passion and commitment to the continuing life, health, and growth of TA across the globe is the reason I applied for the role of EATA Delegate. We need to continue to contribute to a living, vital, international process that expands and deepens existing relationships and forges new ones. I will work in ways that promote and support the development of ideas, people, processes, and systems, across all 4 fields of application, and accounts and learns from all of members in all their diversity.

I will bring you regular updates from my work with EATA and I’m always up for hearing from you about issues that concern our international TA community.

Bev Gibbons TSTA -P

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