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Budget Update

11/09/23, 11:00

Budget Update from Chair

Dear UKATA Member,

I hope you all have had a good summer.

I wanted to let you know that UKATA will not be raising the membership fees for individual members and RTE members for the financial year 2023/24.

We have set ourselves a tight budget for the new financial year, which begins on the 1st October 2023, and the Board of Trustees and Carol Masih (Operations Manager) will work hard to stay within the budget levels we have set and look for within year savings.  UKATA has been managed prudently in the past and maintains healthy reserve funds.

I also wanted to remind members who lost money when the Birmingham TA World Conference in 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID restrictions, that UKATA, ITAA, EATA, FTAA and IARTA have financially contributed to the establishment of a Grant Fund. The Fund is established to provide discretionary grants and is potentially available to all those who booked and paid for the 2020 Birmingham TA World Conference, and who did not have their booking fee returned by other means. A grant payment will be considered for those who have not had their booking fees covered by monies returned by the liquidator, and/or payment card company, insurance or other means, this grant is to be used towards furthering training and/or education in TA. Those wishing to apply to be considered for a grant will need complete the form at submitting it by 15/11/2023 and providing the booking evidence requested.

Finally, I am very pleased to say that I have recruited a new Trustee, Jem Gunn who will be introducing herself in a forthcoming newsletter. Jem is currently not a UKATA member, and I am looking forward to benefiting from the fresh approach this will bring to the Trustee Board.

Best wishes

Chair of UKATA

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