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Research Committee (RC)

Research Committee supports members in applying research methods in their practice, making research material available to UKATA members






  • To develop a strategy for the promotion of research within UKATA

  • To promote systematic collection of outcome data in order to audit and reflect on TA practice.

  • To facilitate a research ethos and research culture among members of UKATA.

  • To raise awareness of and support the use of evidence-based practice in relation to TA.

  • To develop research related policies and resources to help support, develop and promote research in TA.

  • To develop a UKATA Research Awards scheme for members of UKATA, to bridge the gap between practice and research, to foster original research and to recognize lifetime research activities.

  • To monitor research resources and awards to ensure congruency with the needs of the TA community and of UKATA.

  • To work closely with related committees (e.g. ethics and professional practice) to embed a research ethos in the organisation.

  • To lead and respond where appropriate on behalf of UKATA to research related documents regarding psychotherapy, counselling, educational or organisational applications from a TA perspective.

  • To develop collaborative links with national professional bodies and international TA organisations.


  • Establishing a basic understanding of the research process including practice-based evidence and evidence-based practice.

  • Developing research mindedness at all levels of the UKATA community, so that TA application and development are increasingly evidence based.

  • Supporting TA practitioners, at whatever their stage of professional development, to become research active.

  • Supporting collaborative research across disciplines to address relevant areas of TA practice.

  • Valuing quality and robustness in research.

  • Signposting support for research at an individual, group or organisational level.

  • Disseminating relevant research.


  • Advertising / sharing TA theory publicly

  • Collect/share TA articles/theory in one space (with references)

  • Speak to trainers and RTEs at their relevant national meetings

  • Ensuring that ethical considerations are taken seriously in research undertaken by UKATA members.

  • Offering practical advice and support on how to conduct TA research projects.

  • Continue to write articles on research for publication in The Transactional Analysts magazine.

  • Develop and grow online presence and resource centre to promote research.

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