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Membership Committee (MemC) including Website, PR & Marketing

Member Services Committee incorporating the PR & Marketing Committee communicates between UKATA and its members informing them of UKATA activities in the wider professional community and also to the general public.

Maintains UKATA membership benefits and works to introduce new benefits to members.


Sarah Langstaff

Committee Members:

Lisa Woodin


  • To develop a strategy for the promotion of Member Services within UKATA

  • To facilitate an inclusive Member Services ethos and Member Services culture among members of UKATA.


  • To facilitate effective communication and sharing of appropriate information between members and Council/ Committees via conferences, member surveys, forums, website, newsletter, member welcome packs, email and Social Media.

  • To answer or signpost member queries or concerns relating to membership in conjunction with the office administrator.

  • Supporting TA practitioners, at whatever their stage of professional development, to become actively involved in UKATA.

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