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Membership Committee (MemC) including Website, PR & Marketing

Member Services Committee incorporating the PR & Marketing Committee communicates between UKATA and its members informing them of UKATA activities in the wider professional community and also to the general public.

Maintains UKATA membership benefits and works to introduce new benefits to members.



Committee Members:



  • To ensure that the voice of the membership is sought, heard and responded to appropriately.

  • To facilitate an inclusive membership culture among members of UKATA, across the fields of Psychotherapy, Counselling, Education and Organisations.

  • Actively develop and promote the benefits of UKATA membership. 

  • To develop ways to encourage members at all levels and all fields to become more involved in UKATA, to give constructive feedback and to support the organisation's evolution.

  • Support the vision and values of UKATA and actively promote Transactional Analysis within the wider community.


  • To facilitate effective communication and appropriate sharing of information with The Board of Trustees, Management Board, Other Committees and Office Staff.

  • To support Office Staff with membership/registration queries as appropriate.

  • To actively work with Office Staff to promote UKATA via social media/website.

  • To ensure that a Membership Forum is in place and that at least two meetings are held each year.

  • To review existing Membership policies and procedures.

  • To liaise and work with all other committees as dictated by policies and procedures.

  • To have constructive input into the bursary and medals processes.

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