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Training & Accreditation Standards (TASC)

Co Chair:

Patrick Brook (Main Enquiries)

Co Chair:

Beren Aldridge –

Committee Members:

Bev Gibbons, Cholena Mountain, Patrick Brook, Carol Wain, Rosalind Sharples


The TASC was set up to devise and monitor standards of Transactional Analysis training. Its main responsibility is to ensure all Transactional Analysis training delivered within UKATA meets high standards in terms of quality, fairness, and rigour throughout the UK.

In 2017 this committee took on the role of the Assessment and Accreditation committee and therefore monitor the UKATA Diploma


  • To assist in the preparation of UKATA for re-accreditation through the UKCP,.

  • On receipt of the Members Organization’s Review (OMR), we consider the implications for TASC and UKATA, address them making recommendations to Council.

  • To ensure that Transactional Analysis training delivered within our organization maintains its presently high standards and good nationwide reputation.

  • To liaise with members, other committees, when appropriate, and RTEs.

  • To initiate collaboration with stakeholders when forming policies.

  • To monitor RTEs (Registered Training Establishments) to ensure their training is delivered in accordance with professional body requirements for accreditation as necessary.

  • To create and maintain policies and ensuring that they are in line with various professional bodies e.g. UKCP, HIPC and EATA.

  • To maintain consistently high training standards throughout the UK and a rigorous assessment and accreditation process.

  • To assess candidates’ applications for the UKATA Diploma.

  • To support all members, offering clarification to questions that arise.


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