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TASC Update

20/01/22, 22:00

TASC Update (Training, Accreditation and Standards Committee)

My name is Beren Aldridge. I am the new chair of UKATA’s Training, Accreditation and Standards Committee. Our committee supports and oversees the process of TA training and accreditation that is undertaken by the registered training establishments (RTEs) in the UK. We also support UKATA’s membership of UKCP and manage the process of UKCP accreditation and re-accreditation. Finally, we support UKATA’s Diploma process.

We are a busy committee and have recently said goodbye to three long-standing committee members who have supported TASC and UKATA for many years. The committee wishes to wholeheartedly thank Sue Brady, our former chair, Pietro Cardile and John Renwick for their work and commitment.

We now have a new committee and we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves:

Beren Aldridge

I have the privilege of chairing TASC. I am a TA psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer based in Kendal. I am one of the UK’s representatives at EATA and sit on COC, the committee that helps organise TA exams across Europe. I also currently have the privilege of chairing the Cumbria TA Conference. I enjoy understanding the processes involved in training and accreditation and am glad for the opportunity to support our community with these matters.

Patrick Brook

I am a TA psychotherapist and supervisor as well as the academic Director of the Connexus Institute, which I also co-founded. I am based in Brighton and Hove. It is a great pleasure to become a member of the Training and Standards Committee. I have been involved in university level training and accreditation for over 25 years and have a strong passion for supporting all members of our community in achieving their vocational goals.

Bev Gibbons

I’m a PTSTA psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer based in Tadcaster, near York in North Yorkshire. I am a newly joined member of TASC and looking forward to working with my colleagues on TASC, on the UKATA committees and Council and with our members. I am the current EATA Local Exam Site supervisor for CTA oral exams held in the UK, and also a former chair of UKATA. I am deeply interested in the co-creative process and in how we can make use of this in all we do.

Cholena Mountain

I am an STA (P) psychotherapist and supervisor based in Leicestershire. I am a new member of TASC and looking forward to working with my colleagues on TASC. I am the UKCP HIPC representative for The Berne Institute in Kegworth. I am also on their Quality Assurance Team and involved in accreditation, marking, running the diploma exams, and teaching on the psychotherapy exam group. One of my reasons for being on TASC is my desire to be active in the TA community. I am passionate about our CTA exam process and maintaining the high standard and recognition for the CTA in the UK.

Rosalind Sharples

Hello! I am excited to be a new member of TASC. As well as being a TA psychotherapist and supervisor, I am a director of a registered training establishment (RTE) in Wales called Transactional Analysis Cymru. As a result I have a passion for how we train TA in the UK, internationally, and across the four fields. As a trainer of psychotherapists, I wanted to be part of the dialogue about how we understand and construct our assessment of training because I believe that TA has a real value both to the personal, social and professional development of trainees and also to their future clients. In the past I have also served in UKATA on council, member services and research committees.

Carol Wain

I live and practice as a TA Psychotherapist and Supervisor in Liverpool. I am a co-founder and Director of Red Kite Training, a UKATA RTE in South Liverpool. I am also a Co-Director of Liverpool Psychotherapy and Counselling Centre which is based near Penny Lance. I am a member of the UKATA Ethics and Professional Committee. It is out of my strong commitment to active service within the TA community alongside my desire to help maintain quality and standards in TA training and accreditation that I have gladly accepted the privilege to be a member of TASC.

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