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Liz Jeffries
UKATA Registered - Certified Transactional Analyst Qualified Member.

Price per session £

Anxiety and Stress
Depression and low mood, including sadness, unhappiness and problems with motivation
Bereavement and Loss of a person or something important
Specialist Psychological Support for Migraine (fears, and anxieties and difficulty coping)
Relationship Issues or Difficulties
Sexuality and Other Identity Issues
Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Difficulties
Workplace Stress and other difficulties


07891 613580
About Me:
am a Certified Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist (CTA-P) and have been practicing for 10 years. I currently offer therapy online with individuals. Therapy can be open-ended (for an indefinite period, the time frame worked out according to need as the therapy proceeds) or for an agreed number of sessions. We can discuss your particular needs when we first meet.

I also offer supervision. I understand the supervisory relationship as collaborative and co-created, holding the client and the clinical work as central. I am particularly interested in working with counsellors and psychotherapists who are experienced in working face-to-face and online with adults.
What I can help with:
Client type:
TA area of specialisation:
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