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Hazel Stilgoe-McCombe
UKATA Registered - Contractual Trainee Transactional Analyst.

Price per session £

Abbotsley House Barlings Lane Langworth Lincoln


About Me:
My background is in Childcare, Education, Health and Social Care, where I started as a Nursery Nurse working on the community with new mums in inner-city multi-cultural Derby and completed my career in this field as a lecturer.

I ventured into industry gaining knowledge of the world of construction, engineering, production, power, energy and waste processing. During this time I gained a wealth of experience beyond the world of academia and the care sector.

With each change of employment contract I pondered Counselling and Psychotherapy, having completed my BSc in Psychology at Nottingham and the Open University, I looked for a type of therapy that made sense in its approach for me. I had experienced CBT after the loss of a child but found the results weren’t long lasting. Eric Berne the founding father of Transactional analysis (TA) said that often therapies deal with the symptoms of the wound rather than the wound.

I am passionate about the inclusion of Neurodiverse individuals in everyday life and am an active advocate for the equality afforded to this group of people.

I am passionate about the power of TA its premise of we are all OK and we all have the capacity for change.

I am a registered member of the European Association For Transactional Analysts (EATA), United Kingdom Council For Psychotherapy (UKCP), United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysts (UKATA) and am therefore abide by their ethical codes of conduct and practise. I am studying for my MSc in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and Certified Transactional Analyst
What I can help with:
Anger Management
Bereavement – covering loss of:- partner, parents, relatives, friends, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth.
Pregnancy concerns post previous baby loss
Childhood trauma – physical, emotional or sexual abuse
Disturbed family background
Loss of job, home or major change in life
Low Self –Esteem
Mid life crisis
Relationship changes - marriage, divorce
Relationship choices - choosing better partners, dating
Relationship difficulties- loneliness, jealousy, arguments, pre-marriage problems, friendship problems, post infant mortality
Self Confidence
Sexual Abuse
Sexual orientation
Social Anxiety
Stress Management
Student issues such as finances, homesickness, loneliness, isolation
Client type:
TA area of specialisation:
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