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Alena Todorov
UKATA Registered - Contractual Trainee Transactional Analyst.

Price per session £

27 Nexus Court
10 Kirkdale Road


About Me:
I will help you to identify negative behaviour and thoughts and develop new, more positive methods to deal with stress and mental discomfort, gain more confidence and self-esteem, and create a deeper connection with yourself and others.

My background is in counselling and psychotherapy, training, adult online learning, neurodiversity, coaching and mentoring, knowledge and experience that I integrate into the sessions.

- Transactional Analysis psychotherapy: helping you to become more aware of the present moment, so you can make a more informed decision about your behaviour and reactions, and fully connect with yourself and others.

- Transformational Coaching: unlocking your full potential and empowering you to live the life you have always desired.
What I can help with:
Psychotherapy; Coaching; Neurodiversity
Adults / Relationships / Groups
Client type:
TA area of specialisation:
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