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TASC Update - July 24

28/06/24, 10:45

Clarification of UKCP Requirements


TASC has revised and updated the UKATA Policy on Trainees Personal Therapy. In particular we have clarified what UKCP allows to ‘count’ towards psychotherapy trainees’ personal therapy hours requirements. The new policy describes how TASC applies UKCP requirements and how TASC handles the process of mitigating circumstances.

Historic confusion over UKCP requirements

In revising our policy on how UKATA applies UKCP requirements for trainees’ personal therapy, we also recognise that there has, in the past, been some confusion over how UKATA does this.

We are aware that there have historically been experiences of misunderstanding as a result of miscommunication over the personal therapy requirements and how they can be met.

We are also aware that previous iterations of TASC have held different views on whether UKCP requirements might allow trainees to include personal therapy hours accrued within ‘therapy marathons’.

Whilst we wish to communicate clearly about the current requirements and their boundaries, we also want to account for trainees who have been working in good faith but have not had clear details about the requirements or feel that this new policy constitutes a change to their understanding.

In recognition of this TASC wish to offer a ‘grace period’ of six months during which, under special circumstances, trainees can apply to us for variances to these requirements, based on their previous understanding of the requirements.

The six-month window, a grace period, will run from July 1st 2024 until December 31st 2024.

Grace period for variances due to miscommunication

Applicants can apply for such a variance by emailing Patrick Brook:

TASC expects any applications to explain the circumstances for the request for mitigating circumstances, describing the miscommunication or misunderstanding, and with a letter of support from their primary or principal supervisor.

TASC will consider each application individually and rigorously, maintaining the core standards of the requirements.

We would ask any trainee who is considering using this grace period to discuss their application with their RTE and their supervisor. Should any questions arise, they can contact TASC by email:

From January 2025

From January 2025, TASC will only consider variances which concern current mitigating circumstances or are concerning whether a therapist’s training and experience are equivalent to a UKCP registered psychotherapist.


If you have any questions about the new policy please get in touch with Beren Aldridge:

Best wishes from the TASC team

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