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Invitation to join a Committee or Board

29/08/22, 23:00

Are you interested in supporting UKATA to move forwards and become a more inclusive organisation, that provides better support to TA trainees and practitioners? Join a Committee or Management Board and use your skills to make a difference.

There are a number of UKATA Committees and Boards that have responsibility for specific aspects of UKATA’s functions. These Boards and Committees work together and with the staff to ensure that UKATA meets its Charitable objectives and operates its processes and procedures effectively and that UKATA members are provided with services that support their training, qualification and professional practice.

The Boards and Committees are comprised of members who offer their time and expertise to support the functioning of UKATA. The exception to this is that The Council (Board of Trustees) can have a limited number of non-members on it with specific skills (like financial management and legal advice) that can support the operation of UKATA.  Most of the work of the Boards and Committees is focussed on supporting the training, qualification and practice of Transactional Analysts.

All members, irrespective of category of membership, their training in TA and their TA qualifications can be members of any Board and/or Committee, and we are specifically inviting members to join a Board or Committee that deals with some aspect of UKATA’s processes that they are interested in, or have particular expertise in. The Membership Committee, Examinations Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, All Fields Committee, Conference and Events Committee and the Management Board are particularly looking for members to join their ranks to support them to undertake their roles.

We would love to hear from you. Complete the expression of interest form here:

Information on the remit of each Board/Committee can be found here:

The governance structure can be found here: giving you an overview.

If you want more information or a discussion with someone about joining a committee, please contact Claire McManus by emailing her on

The Council (Board of Trustees)

This comprises around 8 members, and up to 2 non-members.  One third of the trustees are elected at the AGM every year, for a 3 year term. Their role is to support UKATA to meet its Charitable objectives, and to operate as a limited company. The Board oversees the operation of all of the committees and the administration of UKATA, including its staff and contractors. It is strongly focused on the strategic and financial aspects of the organisation.

The Management Board

This is a new Board and is still finding its way as UKATA moves to becoming a more modern and inclusive organisation.  It comprises the Chairs of the main Committees along with up to 6 UKATA members and the Operations manager, who is a UKATA employee and manages the administration of UKATA’s business operations with its staff and contractors. As it is an emerging Board, it has 6 vacancies for members to fill. Its remit is to oversee and co-ordinate the operational work of UKATA.

Training and Accreditation Standards Committee (TASC)

This committee oversees the operation of the Registered Training Establishments system, which provides the mechanism for TA practitioners to train and qualify as psychotherapists and become registered with the UKCP as a psychotherapist. Although this committee has many members in place, there is always an opportunity for more to join, as it has a significant and ongoing workload.

Membership Committee

This committee’s focus is on all aspects of membership, including joining and renewals, CPD monitoring, complaints processing and the UKATA annual awards. Its remit also includes supporting UKATA to be inclusive and supportive of members’ needs from UKATA. It is a new committee, which replaces the Membership Services committee, so we are particularly inviting members with an interest in membership matters to join this new committee and to help move it forward.

Conference and Events Committee

This committee takes a lead role in the design and delivery of UKATA’s annual conference. More recently, it has gained a wider remit for the seminar program that UKATA is now offering and developing. Any member with enthusiasm for (or experience in) developing and running training courses or events is invited to join this committee where you will be able to help shape the annual conference and develop UKATAs seminar program.

Examinations Committee

This committee is responsible for the operation of the UKATA CTA(P) written exam that provides access to UKCP registration. As well as overseeing the assessment process, it is also responsible for the training and competence of the assessors.  There are a number of vacancies on this committee, so we welcome applications to join this committee.

All Fields Committee

This is also a new committee, with a focus on ensuring that UKATA accounts for all fields ot TA application within its policies, procedures and operations. Inclusivity across all field is a strategic aim of UKATA, so we invite any members interested in this aspect to offer to join this committee and help UKATA become more inclusive and representative of TA, in its widest sense.

Diversity and Social Responsibility Committee

This committee does what it says on the tin! It is concerned with these aspects in relation to TA training, qualification, professional practice and the demographics of the membership of UKATA and the wider TA community. It is an active committee with a wide remit and has some vacancies available.

Ethics and Professional Practice Committee

This committee provides expertise in relation to ethical matters and also deals with any ethical complaints against members of UKATA. It’s role is specific and limited to these matters.

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

This committee is focuses on the financial aspects of UKATA – the annual budget and UKATA’s financial assets and resources. Its remit also includes assessing the risks to UKATA’s operations and ensuring its financial processes and procedures are fit for purpose. Our current treasurer is stepping down from their role following the agreeing of this year’s annual budget, so we are particularly invited anyone with an interest in and/or a background in financial management to come forward and join this committee.

Research Committee

This committee provides support for research into TA practice and is available to assist any members undertaking research projects. It has been a small committee in the past, and there are vacancies for any member who would like to get involved with research aspects of TA practice and who can provide advice on research methodology and protocols to members.

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