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Exam Committee (EC)

Exams Committee organises and manages exams to for those working towards TA qualifications.


Rebecca Davis

WEC Coordinator:

Rebecca Davis


  • To manage the balance between the requirements of UKCP and EATA.

  • To provide a support system for the Written Exam Coordinator.

  • To review and respond to the External Examiners recommendations and requirements identified in the annual report. Our remit is limited to the CTA written exam within the field of psychotherapy within the UK.


  • Our aim is to ensure our exam system is both fair and robust.

  • We intend to ensure the CTA is accessible whilst maintaining its credibility and professionalism.

  • We aim to maintain an effective relationship and close links with our External Examiner.


  • With the increasing requirements of the exam system and specifically UKCP we are;

  • Prioritising the management of the level 7 academic criteria.

  • Presenting creative ideas to our members and to EATA and UKCP to attend to both requirements and dissonance between organisations.

  • Putting a structure in place for the section D questions and ensuring the research question remains mandatory.

  • Pursuing a more overt, congruent approach to our exam processes, which will take time due to the protocol and processes of our two organisations.

  • Integrating EE report feedback into our procedures and written exam structure.

  • Keeping the members updated and informed of exam related business.

  • Updating the handbook and website with new information.

  • Facilitating mandatory training days for written exam marking.

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