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Ethics & Professional Practice (EPPC)


Ian Argent –

Committee Members:

Helen Davies, Nicky Worral, Carol Wain, Enid Welford


The EPPC has responsibility for monitoring professional practice to ensure high standards of ethics and competence are maintained at all levels in the profession in line with the UKATA code of ethics.


  • Protection of service users

  • Increasing awareness and competence among members to think ethically and behave professionally.

Functions of EPPC in support of these aims:

  • Receiving and assessing complaints about members of UKATA which do not fall within the direct responsibility of other organizations of which UKATA is a member (e.g UKCP).

  • Where complaints indicate a possible breach of codes, investigating and acting upon them.

  • Imposing and monitoring sanctions on members commensurate with the findings of an investigation and, where deemed appropriate, a hearing panel.

  • The primary purpose of sanctions is to protect service users from unethical and incompetent practice

  • Sanctions are also designed to facilitate the member concerned to learn from the experience and so to achieve the high level of competent and ethical practice expected in the profession ethics and professional practice and advising council accordingly.

  • EPPC offers an advisory role and encourages UKATA members to consult the committee concerning ethical and professional practice issues where the member has uncertainty.

  • Monitoring the continuing appropriateness of the codes and procedures relating to ethics and professional practice and advising council accordingly.

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