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Paula-Maria Straube
UKATA Registered - RTE Diploma Member.

Price per session £

Physis Scotland
22 Drumsheugh Gardens


About Me:
About me and my approach to counselling
We all live in a world that is frequently complex to navigate, personally and societally – one that’s full of challenges, putting pressure on our identity or our relationships. It is natural for this to make us feel anxious, depressed, alienated, hostile, withdrawn or numb. These are very human responses, and simply mean we have thoughts and feelings.

Coping mechanisms, although often unhelpful later in life, typically had a very important purpose at one time. This is often one of the reasons why someone seeks counselling in the first place.

If we agree to work together, I would invite you into an exploration of your story, to understand together what has happened in your life that makes you uniquely you. Counselling can provide a safe space and valuable connection which allows us to make new meanings and ways of thinking, ones that allow for greater flexibility. Ultimately, counselling can be a space to learn new skills and to let go of whatever it is that doesn’t work anymore.

I work at each client’s pace: any change, big or small, no matter how important or constructive, is also always a loss. It involves letting go of something that has been very important in order to get here. This loss can feel sad and scary, or even like disloyalty to yourself or others. I am here to support you in this.

I offer long-term or short-term work, according to each person’s needs.

A meaningful counselling relationship has the potential to enhance all other relationships in life. At times this journey might feel difficult when revisiting vulnerable places, but ultimately, I am convinced that counselling can help you to feel better, even if it gets worse at first. I accompany people on this journey while offering an environment that is warm, compassionate and where they can feel held.

I am curious for us to find out together who you are in the world, how you came to be this person and where you want to go.

I look forward to meeting you if you think this process might be helpful to you.
What I can help with:
Most of my experience as a counsellor has been in working with gender, sexual, and relationship diversity (GSRD), especially queer identities, including work with neurodivergent clients. I can help you work specifically on experiences relating to sexuality and gender, and the counselling I offer is consequently LGBTQIA+ informed and affirmative. I welcome clients of all races, genders, sexual orientations and relationship styles, including all forms of consensual non-monogamy.
Client type:
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