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Monika Stachyra
UKATA Registered - UKATA Diploma TA Practice.

Price per session £

Grey Door Therapy
36 Blatchington Rd


About Me:
What can you expect from therapy? I believe therapy is about creating a safe and supportive space for exploring life transitions and challenges. The relationship with clients I aim for is based on collaboration and trust, which is an important vehicle for healing and experimenting with what is new and possible. 

My practice is underpinned by Transactional Analysis, which is an accessible approach that allows people to understand themselves and how they relate to others. As children and throughout life, we learn to behave and feel in certain ways, whilst these patterns are necessary to survive initially, they may get stuck in repeating similar relationships and situations. Therapy supports awareness, adaptation and letting go of what is no longer helpful. 

I integrate my core theoretical framework with other techniques and creativity so the process is flexible and allows for what can be difficult and unspoken to emerge. The client’s consent is a key principle of my work. 

The therapeutic process may encompass a wide range of issues, and the goal of our work can be focused on: 

- exploration (e.g. I want to explore how loss/trauma affected my life)
- dealing with a specific issue (e.g. I want to deal with stress better) 
- a clarification (e.g. I want to understand my relationships) 
- development (e.g. I want to lead a more meaningful life) 

What to expect from the initial free call/session.  During the first meeting, it is important that we get to know each other a little so you can decide if I am the right person for you. I will be gathering information about what brings you to therapy and will let you know if I feel a more specialised professional would be more appropriate. This session will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

During the first booked session - I will be finding out more information about you and how you might prefer to work. For instance, some people want to improve their skills to deal with a specific issue, while others want to explore. We will be discussing administrative matters.

As our work progresses - we will be regularly checking if you are getting what is needed from the therapeutic process.
What I can help with:
Anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, intimacy and attachment issues, trauma, adverse childhood experiences, abuse
Client type:
TA area of specialisation:
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