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Helen Lee
UKATA Registered - RTE Diploma Member.

Price per session £

Chapter Counselling
5 The Drive


07507 089 162
About Me:
Looking to better understand yourself, change difficult thoughts, feelings, relationships or behaviour?
Perhaps you’re going through major life transitions?
My passion is working with people to support them to find their own unique way through difficult experiences and feelings. I create a safe space for clients to feel seen, heard and understood. I help them to reflect on and make sense of difficult feelings, thoughts, behaviours and experiences to be more connected to themselves and others; to live life with greater awareness, vitality and joy. I am experienced working with people of all sexualities and identities.
I am open minded and non-judgemental. At times I’ll challenge and encourage clients to take risks and, if they choose, to make changes. I seek to enable clients to develop new insights, self -care and self-compassion. Whatever brings you to therapy I seek to provide a safe, confidential space for you to explore and process difficult feelings and thoughts, find better ways to communicate, change problematic behaviour and to heal from trauma.
What I can help with:
I am passionate about working with people of all sexualities who are exploring and struggling with relationships (romantic, sexual, family, friendships); people who may seeking or adjusting to major life changes, struggling with anxiety, alcohol or drug use, childhood trauma.
Adults, Couples & people in Relationships
Client type:
TA area of specialisation:
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