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Elizabeth Knight
UKATA Registered - Contractual Trainee Transactional Analyst.

Price per session £

The Old Bank
Eas Sussex
BN22 9NH


About Me:
We all experience times in our lives when we feel overwhelmed, distressed, sad, anxious, depressed or notice that we are not experiencing our “hoped for” relationships with ourselves or others.

Having a safe space and someone to talk to can really make a difference.
I believe that time spent focusing on our relationship with ourselves and others, can offer us the chance to see and understand our experiences differently; creating space for new and healthier outcomes.

As a counsellor and CT Psychotherapist, I use TA framework as the basis for my practice.

Calm, methodical and compassionate, I work within in a humanistic and Integrative framework, influenced by body Psychotherapy and Neurobiology. As such, I believe that relationship with my client is key and work with the need of individual based on what is relevant for them.

Honesty, integrity and empathy lie at the heart of my work along with providing and holding safe boundaries in which people can explore and make meaning from their experience.

I have many years experience working with both adults and children across the public and private sectors, supporting them through challenging times.
I have experience working with children and young people, adult bereavement, and drug and alcohol addiction, domestic abuse and domestic violence, dis-regulated eating, anxiety and trauma.

A UKATA and EATA endorsed member, I adhere to the UKATA code of Ethics and Professional Practice. I work with the support and guidance of a TA Specialist Supervisor for ongoing best practice and professional development.
What I can help with:
Grief, Bereavement and loss. Anxiety, Trauma, Relationship issues, Self esteem, Panic Attacks, Dis-regulated eating, Domestic abuse / violence, Emotional support
Adults and young people
Client type:
TA area of specialisation:
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