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Ben Groves
Certified Transactional Analyst Qualified Member

Price per session £

7 East Parade,


01904 935837
About Me:
I’m Ben, a psychotherapist based in York, and I support people to resolve life and relationship difficulties. I started Flux in 2019 with four main focuses, therapy, training, supervision, and consultancy. I have a huge passion to work therapeutically to make positive sustained changes, whether that is personally, professionally, or within an organisation.

Often we feel life’s pressures, or that there is some is just ‘wrong’ but we are unsure of what ‘it’ is, we can resolve the it - to make you more you. I support clients with childhood trauma, complex diagnosis, as well as seemly day to day issues.

In our sessions I tend to work flexibly, drawing on a range of specialisms to relationally explore what makes you, you. We collaborate together at your pace to help you manage what you have been experiencing, and then work together to help you take back control. My passion is to support people to make sense of what they are experiencing, and become free.

I am UKCP, UKATA, and SWE registered. If you are interested and want further information I would encourage you to either make contact with me or look through my website or some of the other links below.
What I can help with:
Therapy, supervision, and training
Adult/Children/Young People/Couples/Groups
Client type:
TA area of specialisation:
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