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UKATA Complaints Policy

1.0 Policy Introduction

1.1 UKATA is committed to:

  • giving members a transparent service that encourages feedback

  • treating member feedback fairly and consistency in line with the Equality Act (2010) and the General Data Protection Regulations (2018)

  • creating a clear and user friendly pathway for members to give feedback, suggestions and complaints to UKATA.

1.2 This policy highlights the transparency of this process


2.1 UKATA constists of Members, Volunteer Committee and Council members and Paid Employees.

2.2 Members are defined as persons who have a current paid membership of UKATA as described in the terms set out in the membership application form and membership policy document.

2.3 The Resolution Coordinator is the person/s that will be assigned by UKATA to coordinate the processes involved with managing this procedure and ensuring that feedback and complaints are dealt with in a timely, impartial and transparent manner


3.1 Members are requested to complete the complaints form accessible on the UKATA website in order to set out details of their complaint or suggestion.

3.2 By completing the ‘UKATA member complaints form’ members are in agreement with data collection in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) and the UKATA privacy policy.

3.3 Members are asked to give information based on fact and may be asked to give any supporting evidence in the form of documents, photos and audio if applicable.

3.4 Members are required to utilise the UKATA resolution process and communicate with UKATA employees in line with the UKATA code of ethics.

3.5 Members are required to work with UKATA to find a reasonable resolution.


4.1 UKATA are required to collect data in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) and the UKATA privacy policy.

4.2 In order to ensure transparency, UKATA will assign two resolution coordinators to receive the initial feedback form electronically through email.


5.1 The Resolution Coordinator/s will receive initial feedback from the Complaints form via email. It will be the agreed between the coordinators to decide who will handle each feedback.

5.2 A resolution coordinator will respond to each feedback form within 5 working days.

5.3 The resolution coordinator will distribute the members feedback to the appropriate committee and/or council member. They will manage the process and communication between the member and the appropriate committee and/or council member.

5.4 The resolution coordinator will actively engage with the member and update the member of the process throughout the process to ensure the member is aware of the process taking place.

5.5 The resolution coordinator will seek to infrom the member of resolution or outcome to the feedback no later than 8 weeks after the member has submitted the feedback form.

5.6 The two resolution coordinators will communicate with regards to process and how the shared role is managed to ensure they carry out tasks in line with the procedure. They will communicate to the UKATA council any issues, problems or changes with the resolution coordinator and/or the resolution process that may arise.

5.7 If a member uses the member feedback form for a ethical complaint, the resolution coordinator will ensure the compliant is handled in line with the UKATA procedure for handling ethical complaints and direct the complaint to EPPC.

5.8 In the event that feedback is sent directly to the UKATA Office Manager, the UKATA office manager will forward the feedback to the Resolution Cordinator(s) to manage in line with policy.


6.1 UKATA membership terms, UKATA privacy policy, UKATA code of ethics and professional practice, UKATA procedure for handling ethical complaints,(which automatically bypass the above policy and procedure), UKATA membership policy, UKATA code for diversity.

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