4 October 2020

HELLO AND WELCOME to the summer 2020 magazine.

This issue is focused on student writing of which we had an abundance of submissions this time. Perhaps online training has given people more time for reflection and essay writing. Continuing our Covid-19-related articles we have the shared observations of the Diversity and Social Responsibility Committee, p9, and a piece by Steff Oates, p5. For Steff, the enforced time to reflect enabled her to return to ideas and theories that she found engaging in the past, only to find her fascination with emerging and non-conscious processes unveiled her own nascent feelings in lockdown. A stimulating and thought- provoking piece which is a tribute to the dynamic model that transactional analysis is.

And talking of dynamic processes, Keith Tudor and Graeme Summers’ work on Co-Creativity won them their very well deserved Eric Berne Memorial Award this year. We celebrate their achievement for now in the book reviews section, though we will be returning to their continually inspiring work in future issues.

The main body of the magazine is stuffed full of student creativity and courage – as many of the authors use their own experience to develop an understanding of theory. Alison Williams kicks off this section for the magazine with a great piece uncovering her own script using Alice in Wonderland, p20; Begonya Garcia considers growing older as a woman with the chance to ‘deconstruct script’, p24; Russell Bijum reflects on his own loss and mourning using TA and Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief, p29; while James Kelly, p34, takes a critical eye to the origin of injunctions. Yukiko Shimazo, a qualified Clinical Psychologist, while also a student learning about TA, invites us to think about the intriguing concept of amae, explore its links with TA, while deepening an understanding of Japanese culture – fascinating, p39. And, to end this student writing section there are poems by two Link Centre students Naomi Cohen, p28, and Martin Curtis, p55.

Alongside the student essays we have a useful article by Mark Head, on how hard and fast contracting can get in the way of work with a client, p17. While Jill Guest shares her year-long research into using TA with a bereavement group, p12; and Ronen Stilman shares his innovative use of systemic mapping with clients, p48.

Anoushka Beazley’s Film Scripts column puts forward essential viewing for Black Lives Matter – they are a MUST. While Dee Longhurst’s column, Creative Writing & Therapy, helps us put our lives back on centre stage.

I, Ali, would like to take this opportunity to thank UKATA for awarding me a medal at this year’s AGM for my work on this magazine over the last 10 years and its contribution to our profession. Deeply humbled to be awarded this alongside the calibre of the other 2020 medalists. I will only accept it, however, if it is shared with assistant editor, Celia, for her wisdom, knowledge and creativity. Also, of course, to be shared with Marion’s brilliant book reviewing, and naturally to all the zillions of contributors who make the Transactional Analyst, what it is. Enjoy this summer 2020 issue.

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