Membership Fees 2020-21

The year 2020-21 UKATA membership fees are shown in the table below. The total costs of your renewal will include: the UKATA membership fee, the EATA fee (if applicable), and other fees as specified below as appropriate.

Please note: all UKATA members, except subscribers, have an obligation to be members of EATA. Usually members pay their EATA fee via UKATA. If you pay this fee via another organisation, you will be not charged for it and you will have to specify which other way of paying this fee you use on the renewal form.

UKATA Category UKATA Fee EATA Fee Total Cost

EATA Qualified Senior Professional Member

iii. CTA-Trainer
iv. CTA





i. £102
ii. £102
iii. £102
iv. £32.50


i.  £267.36
ii. £267.36
iii. £267.36
iv. £197.84

Diploma Qualified & Advanced Student Member

i. Contractual Trainee
ii. UKATA TA Diploma
iii. RTE Diploma


i. £32.50
ii. £7
iii. £7


i. £186.84
ii. £161.32
iii. £161.32

Student Member

i. Non-qualified
ii. In formal training


i. £7
ii. £7


i. £84.16
ii. £84.16


(electronic version only)

Subscriber with EATA Memberhsip



£7 £38.56


Other Fees Cost
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