Leilani Mitchell is awarded the EATA Silver Medal in Geneva

31 July 2016

Many of you will know Leilani from her work in the UK and with refugees but she has also been contributing the wider European TA community for many years as well. She received the EATA Silver Medal Award in recognition all of her work particularly raising the profile of TA worldwide through her work on social media, developing TA Tuesdays as a resource for the whole community, initiating new committees in the UK and EATA and her TA refugee response work.

It is wonderful that another talented UKATA member has accomplished the EATA Silver medal: last year we were happy to celebrate Mark Widdowson receiving the award for his contribution in the Reseach field.

Leilani is very active in promoting TA worldwide on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook). She has been passionate about reaching out to our community in UK and beyond, engaging with people and enthusing them. In UK she was key in promoting TA through social media, supporting UKATA and its members’ activities. She also presented at conferences in many countries, and appeared on radio programmes. Leilani was Chair of UKATA between 2012 and 2015 and amongst many other successes, she was key in setting up new committees such as the Exams Committee, Safeguarding Committee and Diversity and Social Responsibility Committee.

Leilani became EATA Delegate in 2011 and she was involved in creating a new committee for EATA – The Communications Committee. Leilani then chaired this committee for the duration of her term as delegate. In that time the committee worked on a range of projects including setting up a Facebook page and developing and creating a new website.

As part of this role Leilani suggested that EATA develop a range of videos for their website that could also be used by all members (associations and members of those associations) as a resource and to support members in promoting themselves and TA as a whole. This project continues to develop and Leilani and Tim Jeffes attended the conference in Geneva and worked very hard to develop new material for the community to use.

Leilani initiated the TA Tuesday project as a resource for the international TA Community. This was a series of free online interviews/talks with a range of TA professionals over a period of 2 years. These were free to access for all TA practitioners and drew audiences of up to 60/70 participants at a time from countries all over Europe and the world.

Leilani has also created the TA Refugee Response Group and feels strongly about our social responsibility. She coordinates a group of over 50 TA practitioners offering free short term emotional support to volunteers working with refugees. She manages a refugee donation warehouse in the UK which collects sorts and distributes donations to a range of places such as Greek Islands, France, Syria and Lebanon.

Leilani is also involved in a range of fundraising projects for refugees and gave the closing speech in April at UK TA conference which resulted in people donated over £1,200. Having received her silver medal the EATA members present also donated over £600 to refugee support.

If you would like to support or contact Leilani she can be reached at:
Email:  leilani@thelinkcentre.co.uk
Twitter: leilanimitchel
Facebook: Leilani Mitchell Link Centre
LinkedIn: leilani.mitchell