UKATA Conference 2022 – Keynote

Co-creative TA – an approach for all fields

Co-creative TA (CCTA) is an interpretation of Transactional Analysis that emphasises ongoing mutual influence that has been well received by practitioners from all four fields of application. In this keynote we will share ideas from this metaperspective with examples of how this has been used in a variety of contexts. We will then propose several possible ways in which this approach could be developed further both in theory and practice.

Our Keynote Speakers

Graeme Summers and Keith Tudor co-created co-creative transactional analysis, with the original article published in 2000*.  They went on to co-author their book “Co-creative Transactional Analysis” (2014) and together they are co-recipients of the 2020 Eric Berne Memorial Award for their work on co-creativity and theoretical development and design.

Graeme Summers is a freelance executive coach and leadership trainer based in the UK. He helps people working in many different roles and sectors from all over the globe. He is qualified as a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist, executive coach and leadership mentor. Prior to his coaching career, was a psychotherapist for nineteen years. He was also Director of Training for the Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute in Edinburgh.

Keith Tudor, PhD, CTA(P), TSTA(P) is professor of psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa New Zealand, where is the co-lead of the Group for Research in the Psychological Therapies. His has been involved in TA for over 35 years and is the author or over 100 publications on the subject.

*Summers G, Tudor K. Cocreative Transactional Analysis. Transactional Analysis Journal. 2000;30(1):23-40. doi:10.1177/036215370003000104