UKATA Conference 2021 – Online – Keynote

Ecological Transactional Analysis

Allowing the Leopards into the Temple

Eco-TA appeared on the Transactional Analysis landscape amidst the global uncertainties of 2020. With principles rooted in many years of outdoor educational and therapeutic practice, this timely TA approach ushers in a new sensibility in TA thinking and methodology. Significantly, Eco-TA sounds a call for an ontological shift – from the humanistic to the ecological – in our collective frame of reference.

But what might actually happen if we practice as if we humans are no longer at the centre of things? How might this help the planet and us? Can we re-locate ourselves as individual practitioners? as a modality? Where on earth might we end up?!

We will consider these questions and explore what ecological practice could look, sound, feel, taste, and smell like through this embodied keynote, in alliance with a place near you. So, please prepare for an encounter with the outside and come equipped with your coat and your curiosity!

Our Keynote Speaker

Hayley Marshall PTSTA(P) is a UK based TA psychotherapist, supervisor, and trainer with 25 years clinical experience. Working outdoors for the past 14 years Hayley is a clinical specialist in outdoor therapy, having been instrumental in some pioneering developments in the field. She has written several articles and book chapters on clinical outdoor practice and is a TA trainer at Red Kite Training in Liverpool. More recently in collaboration with Giles Barrow (TSTA(E), she has been at the forefront of the recent development of Ecological TA (Eco-TA).

She offers a variety of ecological training courses for therapists at The Centre for Natural Reflection in the Peak District.