Coronavirus/COVID-19 and the World TA Conference 2020

3 March 2020

Please be reassured that plans are in hand in case this is still a problem in July. In the meantime, we are continuing with the usual preparations, so please carry on booking, offering to present (closes end March), volunteering to interpret, and asking us for a letter to help you get a visa if you need one.

The best case scenario is that in a few months’ time there will be no direct impact on your attendances at the conference.

The worst case scenario is that the world is in quarantine lockdown, in which case we will run an online conference.  We will still invite you to choose your workshops; we will invite you to join them online from wherever you are, with a presenter who comes online from wherever they are – and they will all be recorded (subject to the nature of the topic) so you will all be able to have those recordings and therefore benefit from seeing many more workshops than you could have attended if you were on site.

A middle case scenario is that only people from some countries are able to attend.  We already have enough bookings from people in the UK that we can run the full conference, albeit with some smaller numbers at workshops.  As in the worst case, we will record everything and share them with all participants.

Another middle case scenario is that the UK is in quarantine lockdown but other countries are not – in that case we will go for the worst-case plan and run the conference online – and the advantage will be that any of you who have booked flights or trains should get full refunds for your travel.

Best wishes

Julie, Lynda, Sandra, Heidi, Carol, Susan – the Organising Committee

This statement has been Issued 3 March 2020 by Julie Hay Chair Organising Committee and has been approved by ITAA President Elana Leigh and Diane Salters, EATA President Peter Rudolph, for FTAA Rhae Hooper and Annie Rogers, UKATA President Bev Gibbons, IDTA President Lynda Tongue, For IARTA Heather Fowlie