Bursaries Available

Bursaries Available Through UKATA -Next round available June 2022

— Please note that the next Bursary round is scheduled for June 2022, if you wish to be considered for a Bursary, please complete an application form in June.

There are a number of bursary schemes that can provide financial support for members. There are different criteria for each. You’ll find information here and if you log in there’s an application form under the my profile tab if you wish to apply for financial assistance. if you have any questions please make contact with us via office@uktransactionalanalysis.co.uk

  • UKATA Conference Bursary (max £100)
  • UKATA Training Bursary (max £500)
  • Margaret Turpin Training Trust (max £250)
  • UKCP Trainee Bursary Scheme
  • EATA Bursary

UKATA Conference Bursary

This is a grant of up to £100 that can go towards the costs of attending a regional or national conference. It is available to all UKATA members (not subscribers) who may find themselves experiencing financial difficulties.

UKATA Training Bursary

This is a grant of up to £500 that is available to all UKATA members (not subscribers) who are seeking qualifications in TA. It can go towards the cost of formal training, workshops, supervision, exam prep groups, etc.

Margaret Turpin Training Trust (MTTT)

Margaret Turpin established this trust in 1999, originally to further the training and education of staff of the Connect Therapeutic Community. In 2004 the Trust documentation was changed and any grants made from the Trust are now for the training and education of students in contractual training who wish to continue their studies to CTA.

Applicants for a grant of up to £250 may be from any area of TA training, but they must be contractual trainee members of UKATA intending to study to CTA level, and the grant cannot be made to pay for main training costs.

UKCP Trainee Bursary scheme

This is a bursary available directly from UKCP for members who are Trainee Psychotherapists Members of UKCP. Further details are available on the UKCP website: https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/join-us/trainee-membership/ukcp-trainee-bursary-scheme/

EATA Bursary

This is a bursary available directly from EATA for members of EATA. Further details are available on the EATA website: https://eatanews.org/eata-bursaries/How to Apply for UKATA and MTTT Bursaries

How to Apply for UKATA and MTTT Bursaries

There is just one application form to use to apply for all bursaries, which is available if you are logged in to this website under the “My Profile” tab. If you are successful in your application, the trustees will decide whether the money will come from UKATA or MTTT. Recipients are only usually entitled to one grant.

Application Deadlines

The deadline for application is the end of February and the end of August each year. Applications will be assessed and notified in the following month.

How the Bursary will be Paid

Any award made for either the UKATA Bursaries or the MTTT Bursary will be paid directly to the relevant conference, workshop leader or training establishment.

Bursary Application Forms Can be found under “My Profile” in the Members Area

To contribute to any of the bursary funds please include an amount on your next membership renewal. Thank you.

Margaret Turpin

Margaret Turpin was a pioneer of Transactional Analysis in the UK and was instrumental in the formation of the ITA back in 1974, together with Michael Reddy. She was in General Practice in the NHS and came across TA in 1972 through reading the book “Games People Play”, suggested to her by a psychoanalyst at the Tavistock Clinic. Margaret was so enthused TA that she entered a TA training programme with Warren Cheney – in Oakland, USA! Once she had qualified she left general practice to set up her own training/private client practice. Over the years she trained with Jacqui Schiff and the Gouldings. A highlight of her career was teaching TA 101 courses to General Practitioners at the Royal College of general Practitioners. She was involved with TA in the UK and Europe for over 18 years before retiring in 1998.

Margaret was keen to help those who were in training but could not afford the extra workshops and training that enhanced the learning of those who could pay for them. Margaret retired from involvement with the MTTT some time ago and sadly passed away in 2015. We are very grateful for her generosity and contribution to TA, and is sadly missed but always remembered.