About the UK Association for Transactional Analysis

  • About the UK Association for Transactional Analysis


UKATA is an association and professional body for people interested in and practicing Transactional Analysis (TA) within the United Kingdom. We are a charity and a member organisation and our Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Organisational Consultants and Educators are people who are trained and practise using TA as their modality of choice, and are registered by us.

As a professional body we monitor standards of competence and ethical practice for both trainee and qualified Transactional Analysts as well as offering a range of services for our members. We have a fantastic community of people, ranging from those interested in Transactional Analysis to students and trainees at our Registered Training Establishments or studying independently to highly qualified practitioners supporting the growth of knowledge and TA theory, as well as individual personal development.

History and Development

Formerly the Institute of Transactional Analysis, it was founded in 1974 by a small group of people and since that time the TA community in the UK and worldwide has grown and developed. Transactional Analysis was founded by Eric Berne and his colleagues as a more affordable and accessible psychotherapy.

Today Transactional Analysis is a worldwide psychology used by Psychotherapists, Educators, Coaches and in Organisations. there are TA associations like UKATA all over the world as well as regional and international organisations. The International Transactional Analysis Association has over 50 associated Organisations in 6 International Regions.

One of these regions is Europe with a regional Association the European Association of Transactional Analysis. EATA has 46 associated national organisations or special interest groups. UKATA is the largest UK organisation representing all fields of TA theory and practice. we have around 900 members.

UKATA is a vibrant organisation of approximately 900 members with over 80 volunteers in a range of roles: organising events, ensuring training standards, upholding ethical practice, increasing member benefits, promoting TA, managing the business of UKATA, supporting research, organising and managing exams, representing UKATA in other relevant organisations, producing our magazine and other roles.

Learning about TA

TA can be used as an effective tool in a wide range of contexts such as: personal development, management, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, teaching, education, parenting and more.

If you would like to be a part of this community, we would be happy to welcome you. There is a wide variety of courses offering TA training throughout the UK as well as online events, a quarterly a magazine and national and regional conferences. Take a look through the pages here or get in touch.